Posty Sunflower Sticker Pack (3-Pack)

Posty Sunflower Sticker Pack (3-Pack)

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This design has been insanely popular for Post Malone and Trading Post Apparel. Now we give you the Sunflower design with the unique Barbedwire stem in all three colors.

Put them on your phone, binder, car, or plaster wherever you want to show off your new favorite Post Malone Project.

1 of each sticker design for a total of 3 stickers.


Sizes are 2" x 4". With a 70-pound matte label. Front printing only.

Things are still wild out here in the high desert. Our animals have venom, our plants have spikes and the stars burn like a billion city lights. Trading Post Apparel is born of the high west desert; just like all legends out here, it takes a crew of people with wild hearts to make something new. 

The Trading Post Apparel partnership with Post Malone celebrates that journey of leaving society and riding off into the sunset. The Trading Post Apparel collections will be limited quantities, as are all resources in the desert, so grab a piece of the legend while you can. Stay Wild at Heart -With love, the Trading Post Apparel crew.